Down with Bank of America

Hey everyone. I logged into my Bank of America credit card account today, like I do every few days or so, to see what’s going on and make sure nothing funny is going on. I usually have $0.00 balance on my card since I hate paying interest. Anyway, my credit card account was gone. Say what??? My card was active and I had $0 balance on it. Heck, they automatically upgraded me to a newer, premium plan not long ago and sent me a brand new card. I had that account with them since Freshmen year of college (7 or so years ago) and it was never behind on payments and had a very high credit limit.

Immediately, I contacted their live support to see what was going on. I’m thinking they had a technical error or something happened with my account. The customer support representative was very friendly, but immediately told me the account was closed. Closed?! I asked why but they couldn’t give me a answer and told me to call them at a certain number. I asked why I wasn’t told that my account was canceled. Once again, they couldn’t tell me anything and told me to call the number. Screw that. This is ridiculous. Bank of America isn’t worth the time or effort if they can’t even contact me before closing my account for an unknown reason.

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After looking up my issue a little bit, it seems Bank of America is doing this to a lot of people recently. There’s no point in arguing with them over it either…they are legally allowed to close your account at any time and without any notice for any reason, and once it’s in their system as being closed, the representatives just repeat what it says and can’t/won’t help. I found a new card with a much lower rate and better terms and rewards right away and was approved automatically. Nobody needs Bank of America. It’s no wonder the big banks are getting bailed out…they couldn’t care less about anybody, even if it is to their own advantage.

If you still have an account with them, please consider getting a new account, transferring the balance to the new account, and closing the Bank of America account.

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ElizabethFebruary 27th, 2009 at 3:56 PM

YEs totally they suck

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